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PUNEPRIME.com is the web portal presenting special services & activities for people in and around Pune City and also for those people who want to be connected with Pune City. PUNEPRIME.com is not just common informative web portal butit is the great website for all types of visitors like kids, school or collage students, house wives, creative artists, business developers, builders, share brokers, business employees, officers, office employees, tourists, job seekers, retired persons.This web portal is specially for those peoples who are out of Pune City & want to be always get connected with Pune City & also for Peoples resided in Pune. We have our efforts towards giving quality website.Our honest endeavour towards giving our bonafide efforts to make this site.This site will throw light on day to day activities in connection with Pune city as well as Pune District.To access all services and information available on this site, visitors have to Register themselves with due procedure. Only after registration visitor can be a registered member of PUNEPRIME.com.

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PUNEPRIME.com leading web portal of pune city pune district

- Harshad Nandkumar Khandare.        
[ Director ]         
OWNWAY Art & Technology  
PUNEPRIME.com - pune city web portal
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